COVID-19: Committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Learn More.

COVID-19: Committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Learn More.



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Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Monin Gourmet Flavorings continues the more than 100-year tradition of being the global flavor leader by announcing the leading 2017 Flavor Trends. These emerging trends are predicted to influence food and beverage menus in the coming year and beyond.



Monin’s top five trend predictions for 2017 include:


  • Nothing But The Best – Customers desire premiumization.  They look for upscale everything from restaurant decor to food and beverages.  Only the best will do.  There is a willingness to pay more for premium if value is delivered through uniqueness, presentation and quality.  These customers are also likely to share a great experience with others both directly and on social media.


  • Take Me Away – The mash up of global flavors and nostalgia resulting in a focus on escapism.  Emerging global flavors and ingredients will be delivered in real, authentic ways as if straight from the market.  There will also be an emergence of microregional trends going global as exploration continues to trend.  It’s all about creating a flavor experience that allows the customer to be transported.


  • I’ll Have What She’s Having – Growth lies in offering a wider array of beverages, which can be accomplished through next-level innovation.  Coffee is experiencing a new wave in preparation styles.  Non-alcoholic beverages are primed for experimentation of sweet, savory, smoky and spicy flavor combinations.  Classic cocktails evolve with unique twists that excite the senses.


  • Blurred Lines – Coffees, non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails get innovative by crossing categories and combining the best of worlds.  Expect to see more hard sodas, sparkling coffee, fresh juice iced tea and alcohol-infused desserts.  Sparkling continues to trend in all applications including handcrafted sodas and spa water. 


  • I Want It All – Operators should be mindful of consumer demands that reflect their modern values.  Sustainability, green initiatives, and fair wages will be hot topics.  More options and customization will be expected.  And consumers concern about transparency, authenticity and clean label will be at the forefront of their decisions.


The 2017 Flavor Trends were developed by an internal, full-time team of Monin Consumer Insight Specialists, Beverage Innovation Directors, Chefs and Flavor Technologists.  This team is dedicated to identifying and tracking new flavor trends through analysis of both secondary and proprietary research.  In addition, they use an “eye to the street” approach which includes frequent, global market excursions and the exchange of trend information with Monin beverage and culinary developers located around the world.


The extensive process of evaluating movements and identifying the next big trends are completed to support their partners with trend insights in order to help them identify opportunities that will resonate with their customers.  The goal for Monin is to always provide their customers with successful innovation, and these trends are the starting point of the flavor development process.



About Monin Gourmet Flavorings

Founded in 1912 in Bourges, France and family-owned and operated for three generations, Monin is the premier provider of flavoring products for creating specialty beverage and flavorful culinary solutions.  With manufacturing facilities on three continents and product availability in more than 145 countries, Monin is recognized as the leading global flavor solution provider.

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