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Monday, September 21st, 2015

Fresh is in, and fresh fruits and vegetables are must-have culinary and beverage ingredients for any successful operator today. The Millennial and Generation Z groups have driven interest in freshly prepared food and beverage so ardently that the industry as a whole has no choice but to cater to the cravings of this emerging bunch of consumers. Specialty grocers, food manufacturers and restaurants nationwide are swiftly increasing their fresh ingredient offerings to keep up with the growing demand. According to research and consulting firm Technomic, 39 percent of consumers say that “seasonal” food and beverages are healthier; 49 percent say it’s tastier, while 59 percent of consumers say they’d be more likely to purchase items described as seasonal. The ask is clear; assure it’s healthy, make it tasty and keep it interesting. The key—seasonal fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit may satisfy the hunger of modern consumer tastes but it certainly leaves something to be desired from an operational stand point. Availability, cost, and consistency vary tremendously when stocking seasonal fresh fruit in-house. Certain fruits may be popular but not in season, regional availability can spike prices due to transportation costs, and taste & aroma will naturally vary from fruit to fruit. In addition, the associated prep, storage and waste can lead to extra man hours, crowded cold storage areas and revenue left on the table. It can easily become a balancing act, yet the challenge is inevitable; offer better-for-you, consistently delicious and exciting rotating seasonal food and beverage selections while preserving profitability. The good news is that the solution may already be out there for the picking—quality fruit purées.

Expert mixologists and artisan chefs discovered long ago the benefits of using fruit purées in place of or in addition to fresh fruit to achieve bold, authentic and consistent flavor. Newsflash—the craft cocktail and farm-to-table movements have gone main stream! Now is the time to get creative. Instead of struggling to find success stocking seasonal fresh fruit in-house, rely on convenient premium-made fruit purées to peel back missed opportunities. By minimizing prep time, waste and inconsistencies in quality or flavor—the focus can shift onto what really matters to those on either side of the table; great looking, delicious tasting, balanced food and drink that is affordable to consumers yet lucrative for operators.

Monin Fruit Purées are made with the highest quality fruits and natural flavors, providing optimal true-to-nature taste and texture. The premium purées are operator-friendly allowing for easy prep and storage, no thawing or refrigeration necessary. Always Kosher, Halal, Dairy free, Gluten free and Vegan, the product line appeals to a variety of consumers. Monin Fruit Purées are offered in 9 flavors year round; Banana, Coconut, Mango, Passion Fruit, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon and Wildberry. Useful in a number of beverage applications, Monin Fruit Purées enhance iced teas, lemonades, handcrafted sodas, smoothies and iced or frozen cocktails. They also aim to boost culinary creativity and can be drizzled directly over prepared desserts or used to mix up innovative signature sauce & topping recipes for sweet or savory dishes.

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