What's Hot

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Monin Gourmet Flavorings has identified five emerging trends, which are predicted to influence food and beverage menus this year and beyond:

  • Customization & Experimentation – Customers look for personalized “made for me” offerings, but now while expanding their horizons with trial of new and unique flavors and applications. Striving to be more knowledgeable about what they are consuming, consumers are willing to ask about drink ingredients and are interested in trying new ones. The classics have been perfected; now take them to the next level of innovation.
  • Water Flows – Driven by the macro trend of health and wellness, flavored water with seasonal fresh fruit flavors and ingredients will be on the rise. Bubbly versions will become increasingly popular as consumers demand flavorful yet lower calorie, healthier beverage alternatives to traditional soda and other high sugar beverages.
  • The Art of Authenticity – Real fruit ingredients and inclusions, in everything from lemonade and smoothies to milkshakes and specialty coffee beverages, add texture and ignite the sensory mega trend. Consumer interest in clean labels and transparency compel operators to reevaluate menu offerings.
  • Globalization goes Local – Cross cultural mash ups of flavor continue to trend and grow into beverages, but now take on a regional spin. Varietal fruit and the sourcing of local ingredients, due to healthful qualities and the desire to support local businesses, become hot topics. The demand for seasonal ingredients grows with the farm-to-table movement.
  • Layered Sensory Blends – As consumers experiment, expect unexpected pairings and dynamic layers of flavor. Grilled smoke flavor and spicy heat take center stage when balanced with sweet and savory components. Fruit blends, florals, and herbs compliment mainstream flavors to create unique experiences.

How are these trends identified?

The 2016 Flavor Trends were developed by an internal, full-time team of Monin Consumer Insight Specialists, Beverage Innovation Directors, Chefs and Flavor Technologists. This team is dedicated to identifying and tracking new flavor trends through analysis of structured and proprietary research. In addition, they use an “eye to the street” approach which includes frequent, global market excursions and the exchange of trend information with Monin beverage developers located around the world.

Why predict trends?

As the ultimate solutions provider, Monin strives to support their partners with trend insights in order to help them identify opportunities that will resonate with their customers. The goal for Monin is to always provide our customers with successful innovation, and these trends are the starting point of the development process. 

Ask your Sales Representative how you can take advantage of these trends of tomorrow, today!