Anne Fontana

Beverage Innovation Manager

Anne hit the ground running after earning her Marketing Degree from the University of North Texas by joining a beverage marketing firm which specializes in designing complete customer beverage solutions. By combining her marketing education with her industry experience, creativity and passion, Anne has a natural talent for creating fresh, new “outside the box” beverage solutions for the ever changing beverage industry. Looking for that new, on-trend, emerging cocktail, turn to Anne for that next winning idea.

Favorite Monin Flavor:

Blood Orange Purée

Favorite cocktail:

Blood Orange Honey Whiskey Smash

Favorite Non-Alcoholic beverage:

Habanero Peach Milkshake

Flavors to Watch:

Unexpected vegetable flavors (bell pepper, mushroom, beet). Floral, exotic spice and shrub flavors will continue to immerge.

Trend predictions:

Emphasis on health-related beverages, from complex mocktails to the CBD infused. Sustainability efforts and implication will be held to much higher standards.