Flavored Syrups

With more than 100 Monin premium syrups, this selection of high-quality flavors offers a wide range that can instantly transform any drink from ordinary to extraordinary.

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  1. 750 mL Agave Organic Nectar

    Agave Organic Nectar

    $12 /EA
    Monin Agave Organic Nectar is a balanced sweetener with a smooth flavor profile perfect for enhancing teas, margaritas, other cocktails and more. Learn More
  2. 750 mL Almond Syrup

    Almond (Orgeat) Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Almond (Orgeat) Syrup makes it easy to enjoy delicious and creative specialty cocktails, coffee drinks and more. Learn More
  3. Amaretto Syrup

    Amaretto Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Amaretto Syrup is the perfect addition for decadent coffee beverages, lattes, cocktails and mocktails. Learn More
  4. 750 mL Apple Syrup

    Apple Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Apple Syrup is the beginning of mouth-watering teas, smoothies, lattes, and ciders, as well as mojitos and sangrias. Learn More
  5. 750 mL Banana Syrup

    Banana Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Banana Syrup brings ripe banana goodness to cocktails, mochas, smoothies and shakes. Learn More
  6. Black Raspberry Syrup

    Black Raspberry Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Monin Black Raspberry Syrup blends sweet and tart into cocktails, mocktails, sodas, iced teas and lemonades. Learn More
  7. Blackberry Sangria Mix

    Blackberry Sangria Mix

    $12 /EA

    The traditional blend of fruits, spices, wine and brandy just got a whole new twist. Our Blackberry Sangria Mix brings berry flavor and effortless execution to this delicious favorite, so you can just add wine and skip the tedious preparation.

    Sangria With Simplicity

    Monin Blackberry Sangria Mix makes it easy to create an amazing pitcher of sangria with the perfect berry twist.

    Learn More
  8. 750 mL Blackberry Syrup

    Blackberry Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Blackberry Syrup delivers vibrant color and authentic flavor to iced teas, lemonades, cocktails, sodas and smoothies. Learn More
  9. Blackcurrant Syrup

    Blackcurrant Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Blackcurrant Syrup lends tangy berry flavor to lemonades, sangrias, sodas, cocktails and mocktails. Learn More
  10. 1L Blood Orange Syrup

    Blood Orange Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Monin Blood Orange Syrup adds fresh flavor and a pop of bright color to cocktails, mocktails and lemonades. Learn More
  11. Blue Cotton Candy Syrup

    Blue Cotton Candy Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Monin Blue Cotton Candy Syrup brings delicious fun to lemonades, shakes, sodas and kids’ drinks. Learn More
  12. 750 mL Blue Curacao Syrup

    Blue Curacao Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Blue Curacao Syrup brings blue skies to tropical cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and sodas. Learn More