Flavored Syrups

With more than 100 Monin premium syrups, this selection of high-quality flavors offers a wide range that can instantly transform any drink from ordinary to extraordinary.

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  1. 1L French Hazelnut Syrup

    French Hazelnut Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Monin French Hazelnut Syrup adds bold, natural hazelnut flavor to hot or cold specialty coffee beverages, milkshakes, dessert cocktails and more. Learn More
  2. 1L Habanero Lime Syrup

    Habanero Lime Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Sweet and SpicyMonin Habanero Lime Syrup lends sweet heat to margaritas, bloody marys, and other tart & sweet beverages Learn More
  3. Hawaiian Island Syrup

    Hawaiian Island Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Hawaiian Island Syrup adds bright, tropical flavor to iced teas, lemonades, cocktails and more. Learn More
  4. 750 mL Hazelnut Syrup

    Hazelnut Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Hazelnut Syrup adds rich, nutty goodness to lattes, mochas, smoothies, shakes and cocktails. Learn More
  5. 1L Hibiscus Syrup

    Hibiscus Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Monin Hibiscus Syrup makes for delicious punches, cocktails, teas and lemonades. Learn More
  6. Hickory Smoke Syrup

    Hickory Smoke Syrup

    $12 /EA
    Monin Hickory Smoke Syrup adds a smoky accent to lattes, mochas, cocktails and mocktails. Learn More
  7. Honey Mango Syrup

    Honey Mango Syrup

    $12 /EA

    The combination of juicy, tropical, true-to-nature mango fruitiness with the golden sweetness of honey creates a perfect blend. Our Honey Mango Syrup brings this multi-dimensional flavor to teas, lemonades, sodas and cocktails.

    Honey Mango Makes It

    Monin Honey Mango Syrup adds sweet complexity to teas, lemonades, sodas and cocktails.

    Learn More
  8. 750 mL Honey Syrup

    Honey Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Honey Syrup adds balanced, smooth honey flavor to specialty coffee drinks, teas, cocktails and more. Learn More
  9. 750 mL Huckleberry Syrup

    Huckleberry Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Huckleberry Syrup brings sweet berry taste to mochas, teas, lemonades, sodas and cocktails Learn More
  10. 750 mL Roasted Hazelnut Syrup

    Roasted Hazelnut Syrup

    $10 /EA
    Monin Roasted Hazelnut Syrup helps you create amazing hot and iced coffees, cocktails, salad dressings and desserts. Learn More