COVID-19: Committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Learn More.

COVID-19: Committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Learn More.

June’s flavor of the month is blackberry: sweet, tart, juicy. Like other berries, the blackberry has many health benefits and is even considered a superfood. Their signature dark bluish-purple color is the perfect cue that the fruit is bursting with antioxidants. Also known as brambleberries, blackberries can be served in a variety of ways; freshly-picked off the stem, pressed into a jam and spread on toast, or baked into a blackberry pie – just to name a few! Try mixing one of our delicious blackberry flavorings into lemonade or tea, or use to create a “berry” delightful handcrafted coffee or cocktail.

Monthly archives
  • may

    May’s flavor of the month is blueberry: sweet, tart, delicious. Did you know that blueberries are one of the only fruits that are naturally blue in color? In addition to their tastiness and vibrant blue hue, blueberries are known for having high antioxidant levels and multiple health benefits, adding to their popularity as a healthy snack option. The sweet yet tart flavor of blueberry works well for dessert or savory dishes. Monin’s collection of authentic blueberry flavorings are a great addition to cocktails, smoothies, culinary creations, and more.

  • april

    April’s flavor of the month is coconut: creamy, nutty, tropical. Natural coconut is incredibly versatile, found served up in a variety of ways, including coconut water, milk, oil, and more. Not only are coconuts delicious, they also represent the future of the food and beverage industry with a zero-waste footprint. Nearly every part of a coconut can be utilized, making this highly nutritious fruit a popular choice for today’s eco-friendly and health-conscious consumer. Monin offers an assortment of clean label coconut flavorings to choose from, perfect for crafting any island-inspired cocktail, lemonade, coffee or smoothie.

  • March

    March’s flavor of the month is raspberry: juicy, tart, and sweet. Raspberries are beautifully complex, each berry made up of a bunch of tiny fruits called drupelets, filled with itty-bitty seeds. There are several varieties of raspberry, but the most common varietal is known for its tender texture and bright red color. Raspberry-flavored lemonades, teas, cocktails, smoothies, and even specialty coffee drinks have become extremely popular. Monin offers several raspberry flavors to choose from, each delivering the bold berry aroma and juicy, tart flavor you’d expect from fresh-picked raspberries.

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