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Natural Flavor
without Sweetness

Natural Flavor without Sweetness

If you are looking for water with a hint of flavor, or a perfectly refreshing cucumber or fruit spa water, we have what you need

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NO Artificial Flavors
NO Artificial Colors
NO Artificial Preservatives
NO Artificial Sweeteners
NO Added Sugar
Low Calorie
Gluten Free

Monin Concentrated Flavor is the first product of its kind. From spicy and savory to fruity and herbal, each and every bottle is an all-natural, highly concentrated and unsweetened solution, that adds impactful and authentic flavor to food and drinks.

With just a few pumps, this new concentrated line is an easy way to add a hint of natural, sugar-free flavor to waters, teas, lemonades and cocktails without adding sugar or anything artificial. Use a single flavor or combine your favorites to quickly create a multidimensional blend.

This new innovation is the result of increased consumer desire for no sugar and low calorie, paired with our company’s commitment to offering clean label flavors.

The 375mL bottle is optimally packaged four-per-case and comes complete with a fitted pump that delivers 3mL (1/10th oz.) with every press. With only 10-13 calories per pump, any culinary dish or beverage can be transformed in just 1-2 pumps.

The possibilities are endless, and we invite you to get inspired and learn more with our recipe library and instructional videos using these delicious food and drink flavorings. Contact your Monin representative for more detailed information or to schedule a demonstration of these exciting, natural flavors.

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