MONIN HAND SANITIZER (1Liter Bottles /33.8 fl.oz. each)



This high-grade medical sanitizer was made in our Clearwater facility, using formulas approved by U.S. FDA and the World Health Organization. This antiseptic hand rub is unscented. It has a low viscosity, and it is not a gel, foam or spray. It is an 80% alcohol antiseptic with each bottle delivering more than 330 application pumps to sanitize hands.

NOTES: Each case ordered includes two (2) 1L bottles of Hand Sanitizer + one (1) pump. Hand Sanitizer can ship Fedex Ground ONLY. No expedited shipping options are available at this time. Due to the high volume of orders, please expect delays. Cap colors may vary.


$10 $35
$10 $35
  • This product cannot be returned.
  • There are 33.8 fl oz (1 Liter) of hand sanitizer per bottle.
  • Each case is TWO bottles totaling 67.6 fl oz.
  • Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.
  • The pump is designed to dispense 3 ml of liquid. Please note that because of the low viscosity of the sanitizer, the product comes out of the pump quickly.
  • The pump requires assembly (open by twisting the top while holding the neck/base securely), and it should be inserted into the bottle in place of the cap.
  • You can purchase this item at the same time you purchase any of our traditional gourmet flavor products but this item will deliver separately from the rest of your order.
  • Read this product's Safety Data Sheet.

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The first batch of hand sanitizer that we made was donated across the Tampa Bay community, to first responders, hospitals, senior facilities and restaurants serving takeout. As we continue to produce, we will donate to our service industry partners around the country, as well as organizations in the Bay Area that are in need. This is certainly a challenging time, and we are so very thankful to those doctors, nurses, first responders and even service industry staff who continue to work. We hope that our efforts will help to keep others safe and that the hand sanitizer brings a bit of positivity and reassurance to all who receive it.

Due to these unprecedented times, our team at Monin has collaborated across departments and with several suppliers in our industry to produce medical-grade hand sanitizer. We’ve designed special fillers and devoted an exclusive area in our manufacturing plant to batch and bottle this product so that we can help supply this critical product to our community, our industry and those in need. While we continue to produce premium flavoring for beverages and food, we are committed to providing the hand sanitizer and making as much as we can. The MONIN team is full of hard working, innovative people who are excited to be able to contribute to the production, donation and selling of the hand sanitizer during this crisis.

This product will be prioritized for hospitals and government agencies directly responding to COVID-19 in the U.S.

For inquiries about larger volume orders or any additional questions, please email Monin Support at

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