How do you care for Monin pumps?

Question Category: Accessories

  • We suggest that syrup, sauce, concentrated flavor and purée pump openings are covered to protect the product from insects, fermentation and mold. Monin 1L and 750ml syrup pumps can be covered with the black protector that comes with the pump. For all other pumps this can be done with plastic wrap or foil.
  • When changing pumps, we recommend that the bottle opening is covered to protect the product from insects and environmental contaminants.
  • We do not suggest the washing of pumps as this could contaminate the product with detergent or water if the pumps are not completely dried or could result in flavor transfer if the pumps are reused on differing flavors.
  • When reusing a pump or cap make sure it is from the same flavor so there is no flavor transfer.
  • Pumps can be reused for an indefinite period with the same flavor as long as there is no contamination or spoilage.
  • The solid content in Monin sauces may cause the pumps to clog over time. We suggest replacing the pump and ensuring that the pump is used frequently.