Hot New Trends

  • Take a dip with this Smoky Fry Sauce.

    We’re experiencing a bit of a condiment craze. The traditional method of buying numerous shelf-stable sauces and spreads to overstock the inside of your refrigerator door is no more. Enter the new and improved, reformed and revitalized ‘house-made’ condiment. Homemade sauces and spreads are healthier, more creative, more flavorful and simply offer greater variety. We’re seeing condiments span regional and global flavors, in both salty and sweet combinations. The macrotrend of health & wellness is also boosting the popularity of house-made condiments due to the demand for organic, gluten free, non-GMO and overall ingredient transparency. Knowing where from and how far food has traveled is important to today’s conscious consumer.

    Take a dip with this Smoky Fry Sauce. View Recipe

  • Try these spicy and sp-egg-tacular Habanero Bacon Deviled Eggs.

    What came first: the chef or the egg? The egg of course! The egg has been around since long before Marie-Antoine Carême was even a twinkle in someone’s eye. Recently though, this classic ingredient is somehow new again. From restaurant menus to social media (eggs are very “Instagrammable” in case you didn’t know), the popularity of the egg is evident globally. Why? People are opening their eyes to this former underdog in the kitchen, bringing to light its true appeal as a versatile ingredient. The eggs’ wide range of functionality is a big part of the attraction. From its use as an alternate source of protein to its limitless preparation styles, eggs really are all they’re cracked up to be. So, the next time you’re served an egg atop a burger, dropped in ramen or blended with tomato and spices in that new shakshuka dish you haven’t tried yet, remember to pay homage to this undisputed king of the kitchen.

    Try these spicy and sp-egg-tacular Habanero Bacon Deviled Eggs. View Recipe