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Pre-warmed Glassware

Pre-warmed Glassware

Slow Down the Cool Down

Hot beverages are best served hot of course. Cool glassware, the addition of cream or mixing in sweeteners can rapidly cool a beverage. Preparing hot beverages in a pre-warmed mug works to hold the finished drink at the perfect sipping temperature longer. There are a few different ways to warm glassware prior to serving a drink. Some espresso machines are equipped with a warming platform on top, perfect for storing cups and saucers that will retain warmth from the machine prior to use. Another option is to fill the serving cup with hot water and allow to sit for a few moments while heat from the water transfers to the cup. Pre-heating smaller vessels such as demitasse or espresso cups proves especially effective in keeping coffee/espresso hotter longer.

Short Tip

If you wish to use a thermos or commercial airpot container to hold hot liquids for any length of time, be sure to temper the thermos or container first. Simply pour hot water into the vessel and allow time for heat from the water to transfer to the container before pouring out and using.


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