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Layered Cocktails

Layered Cocktails

Steps for Liquid Layer Success

The layer technique creates a distinct separation between multiple liquors or mixers in a drink. It makes a great impression, not only because it looks awesome but in some cases, it’s the best way to consume the drink or shot – by dispersing the flavors individually in a specific order. To create this effect, simply pour each liquor in a specific order over the back of a bar spoon starting with the heaviest liquor poured first and the lighter liquors or mixers poured last. The higher the proof the higher that liquor will be in the glass. Keep in mind that syrups tend to be denser and therefore heavier than liquors, so syrups will sink to the bottom of your glass. The most popular drink using this technique in undoubtedly the B-52.

Short Tip

Using liquor bottles with a pour spout will allow for extra control when creating layered drinks. If pour spouts are not available, you may even consider transferring the liquid to a small paper or plastic cup that you’re able to bend closed with your hands for a slow, steady pour to create the perfect layered look.


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