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Consistent Cocktails

Consistent Cocktails

Properly Measure Drinks Using a Jigger

A jigger is a measuring device used by bartenders. When mixing a cocktail, the correct ratio of ingredients is critical to achieving a perfectly balanced drink. Over-pouring on even a single ingredient can have a large effect on the outcome. Using a jigger is a great way to maintain consistency, however using this bar tool correctly is equally important. When pouring into a jigger, position yourself near your glass or mixing tin. Grip the liquor bottle by the neck with one hand while holding the jigger in your other hand, pour into the jigger with a single smooth motion and cut away just as a meniscus begins to form over the top of the jigger. Measure all ingredients for consistency and accuracy.

Short Tip

Measure the thinnest ingredients first. For example, using a jigger to measure a purée first can affect the accuracy of subsequent measurements because excess from the purée may reside in the jigger after your pour. For precise measurements, always save the thickest ingredient for last.


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