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The 12 Best Bubble Tea Flavors You Need to Try

The 12 Best Bubble Tea Flavors You Need to Try

Bubble tea has been available for a while in the U.S., but now its popularity is skyrocketing. What makes this drink so special, and what flavor should you try first? Get all your bubble tea questions answered.

What is Bubble Tea?

Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea, otherwise known as Boba tea, is typically made from milk, sugar, tea and tapioca pearls. The result is a sweet, caffeinated beverage with an added textural component that people love.

Bubble tea drinks come in many flavors, feature different types of tea — black, green, or oolong — and come with or without dairy, sweeteners, and those distinctive pearls. So, the flavor can really vary depending on how you prepare it!

Types of Bubble Tea

There are several ways you can create different recipes for bubble tea, from plain milk or Thai tea to fruity, alcoholic or shaved ice bubble tea! Each ingredient lends itself to an endless variety of possibilities. The main ways to switch it up are in varying the three main ingredients: tea, milk, and bubbles.


Using different types of tea in bubble tea brings different flavors.

  • Black tea is the traditional tea for Boba tea. Using different black tea blends, like Early Gray, can provide subtle variations in flavor.
  • Green tea, including jasmine green tea or green tea powders like matcha, is another popular base for Boba tea.
  • Fruit tea is often combined with fruit purees or fruits syrups to impart a sweeter flavor.

While most bubble tea has tea as the base, there are some versions that don’t have tea at all, including shaved ice and alcohol.


Bubble tea drinks typically contain milk or a milk alternative, providing that signature creamy flavor.

  • Non-dairy creamers and milks, like almond or soy milk, are very popular in Boba tea drinks.
  • Coconut milk lends itself to fruity bubble tea in particular.
  • Sweetened condensed milk is used in Thai tea and is common in more traditional Boba tea options.

Not all bubble drinks have milk, such as certain fruit-flavored bubble teas, but many do include that signature creamy element.


While the bubbles in Boba tea actually refer to the air bubbles formed by shaking up the drink, most people now refer to the bubbles as the pearls or boba found in the drinks. There are several options for this part of the drink.

  • Tapioca pearls are the traditional and most popular chewy, textural balls in a bubble tea drink — in fact, many people just call them “boba.” They have almost no flavor, and are usually a dark purple color.
  • Popping boba are tapioca pearls that pop in your mouth and add a burst of flavor.
  • Taro balls are made from the taro root, and can be added to taro root bubble tea or other drinks.
  • Jelly cubes can provide a sweet or herbal flavor to boba tea, complementing green tea or fruity drinks.

This chewy texture is called “QQ” in Taiwan and China, and doesn’t necessarily have to bring added flavor. Additional mix-ins that provide flavor to bubble tea drinks range from fresh fruit and pudding to red bean and cheese cream.

12 Best Bubble Tea Flavors

As you can see, there are endless varieties of bubble tea flavor combinations based on the tea, milk and bubbles alone. Powders, flavored syrups and fruit purees also provide added flavor depending on the drink.

1. Black Tea

The original bubble tea flavor is black tea, milk, sugar and tapioca pearls, and is a must-try and must-have on any boba cafe menu.

2. Matcha

This bright green tea studded with tapioca pearls is visually appealing and has a sweet, grassy flavor.

3. Jasmine

Using Jasmine tea provides a lighter, herbal, mildly sweet taste compared to matcha or other green tea powders. For the perfect sweetener to complement your jasmine tea, add Monin Honey Jasmine Syrup.

4. Mango

Mango milk tea has a fruity, tropical flavor that’s perfect for first-time bubble tea drinkers. Monin Mango Purée makes it easy to create mango milk tea in no time at all.

5. Taro

Similar in flavor to vanilla, this creamy, rich drink has a lovely purple color and is a classic Boba flavor.

6. Melon

Melon, or honeydew, bubble tea is sweet, refreshing and mild in flavor, which makes it a perfect drink for summer.

7. Lychee

Monin Lychee Syrup is similar in flavor to melon, providing a mild sweetness and slight tartness to boba tea.

8. Chai

Bubble chai tea takes your typical iced chai latte up a notch by adding those signature tapioca pearls to Monin Chai Tea Concentrate and your choice of milk or creamer.

9. Thai Tea

Thai tea Boba is a perfect twist on your traditional black tea version. Sweetened condensed milk and that signature orange color of Thai tea provide a sweet and intense flavor.

10. Lavender

The floral notes of lavender play off of tea and lemon beautifully in lavender bubble tea. Get that balance of lavender flavor right with Monin Lavender Syrup.

11. Strawberry

Strawberry bubble tea is another flavor that’s perfect for Boba newbies. Monin Strawberry Purée blends easily with creamier bubble tea drinks, while Monin Strawberry Syrup can be used in shaved ice bubble tea drinks.

12. Passionfruit

The tropical flavor of Monin Passion Fruit Purée provides a tartness and tanginess to bubble tea that balances out the sweetness.


Flavor Your Bubble Tea with Monin

It’s easy to make a variety of flavorful bubble tea drinks with Monin flavored syrups and purées. Whether you want to add Boba to your café or restaurant menu, or are looking to make bubble tea at home, you can rely on Monin for quality syrups and purées to add delicious flavor to your creations.

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