Committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Learn More.

Committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Learn More.

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Meet The Family: Angie W.

Meet The Family: Angie W.

At Monin, the only thing more unique than the flavors we make are the people behind those flavors! As a family-owned company, it’s no surprise that we’re incredibly passionate about our people.  In fact, the story of our brand has always centered around people, from the very beginning when Georges Monin conjured up the idea of creating flavored cordials in his home kitchen to entertain friends and family back in 1912. Today, we have teams all over the world, each with a shared passion for creativity and innovation. We thought we'd take this time to introduce you to a few of the individuals that make Monin such a special place to work.

First up, meet Angie...

My Monin Story

by Angie W.


Now that we are all confined to our homes and looking to reconnect with our colleagues, I thought I’d start a conversation about what brings us all together.  Specifically, how Monin brings us together. My personal bio is a little unusual. To start, I grew up in a rural part of San Diego and raised pigs on a farm. The day I could I started working in restaurants and bars, I tried every type of hospitality. I was even one of the first bartenders hired for the opening of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, and fun fact, my name tag said “Angelique.”  I went on to work in the spirits industry (Skyy Vodka/Effen Vodka) where I would meet many of my closest friends and most importantly, my mentor, Angie M.

In 2008 my husband and I opened a fine dining restaurant in downtown San Diego called Cowboy Star. I started using Monin products in the bar, and it was this amazing secret weapon! I could turn your average lemonade into a lavender lemonade. Our guests loved the diversity and unique options, and we (as restaurant owners) loved the consistency and the reviews. In 2009 I got a call that there was actually an opening at Monin working for my mentor – “Team Angies” were back together again! I jumped at the chance to join the Monin team and 11 years later, I can easily say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Monin is more than a flavoring company. We are an innovation company. We help our customers craft unique ideas and help them bring those ideas to reality. I know it’s weird to say that I’m passionate about flavor, but with the endless possibilities of global flavors and combinations, we get to try something new every day. My favorite product right now is Coconut Concentrated Flavor! I use it in iced cold brew, yogurt, and I love combining it with our Pineapple or Lime Concentrated Flavors in plain hard seltzer. Quick tip… for a low-cal, low-ABV option, try one for your next Zoom Happy Hour!


Other fun (and weird) personal facts:

  • I have a goat phobia (long story)
  • I hate goat cheese (obviously)
  • I once played monopoly for 7 hours
  • I’m scared to go in a pool by myself
  • I’ve had the same 3 BF’s since kindergarten
  • I trained to be a hypnotherapist
  • I am a descendant of Scottish Royalty
  • I pride myself for being able to run in flip flops
  • I own a Beef Jerky company
  • The sorting hat put me in Slytherin
  • I’m a life long Padres Baseball Fan
  • I love the smell of Eucalyptus (I’m from a place called Eucalyptus Hills)
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