Introducing the NEW Monin Inspiration
Mobile App

Introducing the NEW Monin Inspiration
Mobile App

Download the new MONIN App on smartphones and tablets today and begin to find, create and share MONIN beverage innovation from all over the world.

Be the first to join a community of all skill levels, from expert to novice, and see the drink recipes that people all over the globe are creating. Within the app, you can uncover recipes, follow others, share your favorites with your friends, match a drink to your mood and even create a slideshow of featured drink menu items.

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How to Find it: Search For ‘MONIN Inspiration’ on the store and download to your phone or tablet

Unlock instant access to all types of recipes and the baristas, mixologists and other MONIN fans around the world who create them. You can even make your own MONIN recipes and share them within the app community and on social media.

View, Favorite and Share MONIN recipes from your region or from all over the world, seeing how to make them, what they look like and their level of difficulty

The geolocation feature sends specific information to your phone, to give you a customized in-app experience

Create your own MONIN recipes, save them to your personal profile and share them with the app community

Share your favorite recipes across social media

Use the Mood Matcher to find the perfect recipe, personalized for what you need at that moment

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