Winter Season 2020 by MONIN: No-ABV recipes

Looking for a non-alcoholic drink for the Winter Season? These no-ABV recipes are there for you:

Alexander-ish by Felipe Valencia Santander



  • 20ml MONIN Amaretto syrup
  • 15ml MONIN Dark Chocolate sauce
  • 60ml coconut cream
  • 60ml coconut milk


Shake all ingredients with ice cubes. Pour in a coupette glass. 

Garnish with grated nutmeg .

Santa Clothe's by Stéphane Moesle



  • 20ml MONIN Agave syrup
  • 30ml fresh tangerine juice
  • 60ml cold infused hibiscus tea with cinnamon
  • 40ml Seedlip Spice 94
  • 1/2 fresh persimmon


Muddle persimmon with Agave syrup. In the tin of the shaker add ice and remaining ingredients. Shake and doubble strain ia a prechilled glass.

Garnish with Flavour Blaster smoke flavour.

Sparkling Aloe Vera by Martin Schlamberger



  • 20ml MONIN Bergamot syrup
  • 20ml Martini Torino Floreale
  • 40ml Seedlip Grove 42
  • 80ml chilled of sparkling aloe vera mixture


Build in glass and serve in a 200ml Tumbler without ice (room temperature drink).

Garnish with lemon zest.

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