The return of the Moscow Mule !

Moscow Mule is back !Moscow Mule is back !


One of the traditional mixology classics, the Moscow Mule is back on cocktail menus.  

Contrary to what its name might suggest, this character cocktail made its first appearance in the 1940s in the USA. The story goes that Moscow Mule was dreamed up by two entrepreneurs who wanted to make their mark on the American continent with their products: Vodka and Ginger Beer.

Born out of the blending of these two ingredients and some lime, this famous cocktail is easily recognisable by the copper mug that it is traditionally served in. However, there is no need to have this iconic mug to make it, as an enamel mug or an ‘old fashioned’ style glass will also be perfect.

Our tips for a creative version of the Moscow Mule !

One of the key characteristics of a Moscow Mule has to be its versatility: it can be twisted according to the season, the region or even by using different types of spirit such as tequila, gin, bourbon or even a homemade bitter!

Easy to make and quickly customizable with different flavours from Le Fruit de MONIN and MONIN syrup ranges, the Moscow Mule can surely become the new it-cocktail on your drinks menu.

Whether you opt for a fruity, virgin or a spicier version, dare to be original and transform a classic Moscow Mule into a memorable experience.

One last piece of advice? Whatever version you’re creating, garnish your cocktail with spices or fresh fruits and bring that all-important decorative final touch.


Here are a few of our favourite interpretations for a twisted Moscow Mule.

Drink responsibly.