MONIN Basil syrup


Referred as the 'royal herb' by many cultures, basil, which means 'king' in Greek is an annual herb member of the mint family,
There are many varieties of basil, from the sweet basil used in the Mediterranean cuisine in the well-known Italian pesto to the Thai or Vietnamese basil which has a typical anise taste,
Similarly to many herbs, basil is very fragile and sensitive, It is used muddled by more and more bartenders who want to bring a touch of freshness and herbal taste to their signature drinks,
MONIN Basil syrup will bring you the pungent smell and aroma of fresh basil for great innovative drinks!


Bright grass green slightly cloudy,


Culinary applications

Format: 70 cl


Sucre, eau, arôme naturel de basilic avec autres arômes naturels, acidifiant : acide citrique, conservateur : E202, colorant : E133.

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml:

Energie (kJ/kcal) : 1350 / 323, Matières grasses (g) : 0 dont acides gras saturés (g) : 0, Glucides (g) : 80,1 dont sucres (g) : 80,1, Protéines (g) : 0, Sel (g): 0,03
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