monin rooibos concentrate bottle ingredientsmonin rooibos concentrate bottle ingredients

Rooibos, or redbush is a small tree thant can only be found in South African mountains. Its leaves, brewed into boiling water give a bright red colour and a unique, powerful aroma.

Le Concentré de MONIN Rooibos, by its round and suave flavour and aromas, allows to easily recreate the famous and increasingly trendy redbush tea. Caffeine and theine free, it is a perfect alternative to regular teas and coffees. With its strong and slightly sweet aromatic profile, le Concentré de Monin Rooibos can help creating a plethora of combinations to serve unique drinks.

  • Natural flavouring
  • No colouring
  • Vegan
  • Allergens Free
  • Caffeine free
  • Halal 


rooibos vanilla iced tea drink redbushrooibos vanilla iced tea drink redbush

Iced Redbush

  • 30 ml Le Concentré de MONIN Rooibos
  • 240 ml water

Pour Le Concentré de MONIN in a glass full of ice, top with water. Stir and serve.

rooibos latte tea redbushrooibos latte tea redbush

Vanilla Redbush Latte

  • 30 ml Le Concentré de MONIN Rooibos
  • 10 ml MONIN Vanilla syrup
  • 180 ml milk

Pour both MONIN flavours in a latte cup. Steam the milk with a steaming wand and pour the hot milk into the latte cup. Stirr and serve.

rooibos redbush tea drink cocktail daiquirirooibos redbush tea drink cocktail daiquiri

Cederberg Daiquiri

  • 30 ml Le Concentré de MONIN Rooibos
  • 15 ml MONIN Mango syrup
  • 60 ml Bacardi amber rum 4yo
  • 22.5 ml fresh lime juice
  • 7.5 ml Pedro Ximenez

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and double strain into a chilled coupette. Serve.



  • With Rooibos extract (from South Africa)
  • Low sugar content (1.35g/L)
  • High concentration
  • Dilution rate 1/5
  • Easy to use
  • Between 18 and 35 drinks in one bottle