How to make a thick, creamy foam on top of your cocktails?

Whether you are a consumer or a bar professional, the visual aspect of the drink you serve is extremely important. So, it’s time to awaken our five senses, starting with our sight. We demystify a technique that makes your cocktails appear frothy and feel creamy in the mouth: the ‘’Reverse Dry Shake’’.

The objective of this technique is to achieve a fabulous foam on a cocktail by using egg white.

In general, you shake the cocktail for a long time, however the more you shake the cocktail, the more the ice will be broken in the shaker and the more diluted the cocktail will become. The result of this will be a relatively foamy but overly watery cocktail. To avoid this, it’s possible to use several techniques but perhaps the best is the ‘’Reverse Dry Shake’’.

« Dry shake » ? « Reverse Dry Shake » ? Which technique is best for a perfect foam ?

This technique relies heavily, first and foremost, on the ‘’Dry shake’’ which consists of first shaking all the ingredients of the cocktail, including the egg white, without ice cubes. This allows you to break up the proteins of the egg white and add froth to the cocktail. Shake for between 25-30 seconds without ice. To chill the cocktail, you then shake it a second time, this time with ice (Wet Shake). You will obtain a perfectly diluted cocktail with an attractive foam to crown it. However, do bear in mind that ice is not best friends with egg white and it has a tendency to break down the volume of the foam. For this reason, it’s advisable to use the ‘’Reverse Dry Shake’’ technique. Shake the cocktail twice as follows :

  • Once, by shaking all the ingredients of the cocktail with some ice cubes. If the egg is really cold, don’t put the egg white in and instead only incorporate it in the second shake. Otherwise, it’s preferable to include it in the first shake.
  • A second time without ice : after having shaken with the ice cubes, simply filter the cocktail through a strainer into the cap of the shaker, then throw the ice cubes away. Close the shaker again (already nice and cold to keep it chilled) and agitate the cocktail again for several seconds. No need to shake for too long, otherwise you will make more foam than is necessary!

It only remains to pour the cocktail into the serving glass with the help of a fine strainer to break up the large bubbles and obtain a perfectly thick, creamy foam !

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