How to reuse your coffee grounds? Gardens and Exteriors

reuse coffee grounds gardens exteriorsreuse coffee grounds gardens exteriors

At MONIN, we love coffee, but we believe that the environment is equally important and that it is essential that we take care of it.

Take a look at these top tips from our coffee and hot drinks expert Attila Molnar and find out how you can reuse spent coffee grounds, what remains of the ground coffee after it has been infused in water.
In this first part, we will give you advice on reusing used coffee for your garden and other outdoor spaces.

Natural repellent

By sprinkling used coffee around your plants or aromatic herbs, you can protect them from pests, such as ants, snails and slugs, which will naturally avoid it.


Organic fertiliser

If you grow plants and flowers such as Hydrangeas, used coffee is an ideal fertiliser ! Slightly acidic, it allows you to revive the colours of the flowers once mixed into the earth of your plants.

Compost activator

If you or your outlet has a composter, you can incorporate coffee grounds into your organic waste.  Excellent food for worms, they will be more attracted to your compost and more active in their work transforming vegetables into compost.


Carrots with coffee ?

Did you know ? Before sowing carrot seeds in your vegetable plot, mix the seeds with dried coffee grounds to give them a kickstart as soon as they start growing.  You will achieve a better quality harvest, which will have the added bonus of discouraging pests from coming near them.