How to reuse your coffee grounds? Indoor spaces

reuse coffee grounds indoorreuse coffee grounds indoor

At MONIN, we love coffee, but we believe that the environment is equally important and that it is essential that we take care of it.

Take a look at these top tips from our coffee and hot drinks expert Attila Molnar and find out how you can reuse spent coffee grounds, what remains of the ground coffee after it has been infused in water.
In this second part, we will give you tips for reusing used coffee in your indoor spaces, at home or in your bar, coffee shop or restaurant.

Odour absorber

Coffee grounds can be used in the same way as bicarbonate of soda to absorb food odours in your fridge or freezer.  Simply place your used coffee in an open container at the back of the fridge in your establishment and wait several weeks for the absorption to be complete.


Natural abrasive

Sprinkle your used coffee on an old cloth and use it to clean your baked-on dirty dishes or the kitchen worktops of your establishment, without ruining them.

DIY Candles

Do you like candles and the smell of coffee? Make your own natural candle by melting wax with coffee grounds before pouring them into a recyclable container with a wick.


Chimney cleaner

By tipping a little of the moist coffee grounds on the ashes in your chimney, they will become heavier and so easier to get rid of.  You will also avoid creating clouds of ash and dust which occur when you sweep it up.


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