Our Beverage Experts - Stéphane Moeslé

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Stéphane Moeslé

Beverage Innovation Director – Mediterranean countries

Stéphane has been with the MONIN family since 2009. Director of drink development, he is based in our Parisian studio where he provides drinks trainings on a national and international level.

Originally from the French Riviera, Stéphane has quickly integrated the world of hotel and catering. His first internship at the Métropole Hotel (4 stars) in Beaulieu sur Mer is what inspired him to want to work in the world of the bar. The creative aspect, the felted and cosmopolitan universe, and the relationship with customers are the elements that seduced him.

After completing his studies, Stéphane left for England, in Surrey, to put his knowledge into practice. The shakers and Shakespeare’s language are no secret to him anymore! He improved his technique by returning to France and integrating the Bar Le Forvm (Paris), an institution that has been opened since 1930. He worked with great professionals who passed on their practical and theoretical knowledge about cocktail and flavour associations. He attended other prestigious houses, such as the Hotel Astor and the Sofitel Le Faubourg, as Chief Barman before joining MONIN. Upon his arrival in the company, he learned barista techniques to offer complete support to clients.

Beyond his career, Stéphane is involved in various competitions and invested in the profession by becoming Secretary General of the ABF (Association of French Barmen).

His creativity and training skills lead him to travel on to all countries of the Mediterranean basin to meet importers, barmen, and baristas in order to help them to develop their drinks’ offerings.

His favourite MONIN flavour?

Le Fruit de MONIN Passion Fruit that he uses to make tasty Passion Fruit twist on a Mai Tai

His favourite virgin cocktail?

The Macaron Raspberry Virgin, it offers all the finesse and taste à la française. The almond side of the macaroon blends with the intensity of the raspberry. This drink can be served with macaroons for an original "perfect serve".

His favourite cocktail?

The Green apple and Lemongrass Collin's is a delicious blend of a traditional fruit, Green Apple and a perfume from Asia, Lemongrass; the whole balanced by the yellow lemon is brought by the concentrate of Rantcho lemon, elevated by a premium vodka then lengthened of sparkling water for a festive and refreshing side! The association of Le fruit de MONIN Yuzu and the pink grapefruit syrup could also be an option. 

“I advise you to decorate the cocktail with a stick of lemongrass, in order to remember the ingredients that compose the cocktail, the consumers will use it as mixer.”

His 2018 trend predictions


For years, the creations around coffee drinks have been made with just milk additions, in more or less quantity: Cortado, Cappuccino, Latté, Flat white hot or Iced Latté, Freddocino, Frozen coffee in cold.

With the arrival of the Cold Brew, classic version, cold drip, or Nitro, the barista brings a real know-how and an alternative to people allergic to milk.

The extraction method, the origins, and mixtures of different varieties will allow a very interesting work on aromatization. Associations, such as Chocolate Brownie or Cinnamon classic versions, can sublimate certain varieties from Ethiopia or Brazil. It is possible to work on more sophisticated flavours, for example creating an original flavour with Morello Cherry syrup in order to play with the origin of the "cherry" coffee. You can also play with spices with spicy syrups such as Falernum, Pumpkin Spice or Spicy Maple Syrup.