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Beverage Innovation Manager - Balkans

Mišel has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 18 years. He comes with extensive experience from the best Italian school for bartenders, coupled with experience in molecular mixology.

Misel has acquired experience in bars, clubs and restaurants in Italy and Croatia, where he worked as bartender, bar manager and owner.

For 2 years, he has been an adviser in the Croatian food and beverage industry market for big a company and an hotel chain.

Over the last 3 years before he became part of the MONIN family, he was a brand ambassador for MONIN importer in Croatia.


What do you like in your work? 

What I like the most is that there are no limits on what you can do, the only limit is your own imagination. I find amazing that you can express everything you want in one drink. The best part of creating a new drink is to get the reaction of people when they try it.

With MONIN it’s easy because you have a thousand of different flavors and you can make everthing your customer needs.

What do you like when creating a new drink?

When creating a new drink, I’m always thinking about making something different, something that will be a combination of some unsual ingredients and flavors, while keeping it very simple at the same time.

My main focus is to create a brand new experience for people when will try my drink.

What’s your vision of the work?

Bartenders or baristas are not only service people, they need to bring experince to their customers, and today those who can do this are very succesfull in the bar industry. They need to know that every drink is a new challenge, a new experience and at the same time they must try be better and better.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration simply comes from the people around me.

His favourite MONIN flavour?

MONIN Popcorn syrup, that he likes to use in a milkshake.

His favourite hot beverage?

A hot tea cocktail made with MONIN Jasmine, MONIN Falernum, red berry tea, gin and a touch of lime juice.

His favourite cold drink with coffee?

A Popcorn cold brew with some cream for extra indulgence!


Flavour to watch? 

Green Tea.

Top beverage prediction and why?

I think the use of different kinds of milks in the coffee industry will be the next big trend to watch. As people are looking for something new in coffee, milk is definitely something very interesting to explore.

On the other hand, in the cocktail industry, coffee might become the new must-have ingredient on the cocktail menu. Different types of coffee can be used for different associations. For example, you could have infusions paired with spirits or cascara, coffee syrup...

As for me, Espresso Martini and twist on it will return to the top.