Back To The Basics

With Halloween on the horizon, the beverage scene is preparing their annual rollout of innovative, thematic menus. With ever-increasing recognition – and participation – in quintessential Halloween traditions within Asian countries, baristas and bartenders are ever-ready to curate unique offerings catering to the whimsical nature of this occasion. This year, however, establishments are also cautiously conscious of not just limited ingredients, but smaller-scale celebrations. As such, salvaging and sustainability has become more vital to ever in conceptualising new bar creations. Rather than basing recipes around entirely new ingredients, the beverage industry now turns to their most accessible essentials: in their kitchens.

Waste not

With the colour orange being almost inescapable from Halloween, the fruits are an equally easy association when formulating festive recipes, especially the parts that historically have been discarded frequently: its peels. Notoriously bitter with pith, the peels have often been put away as an inedible part, despite containing the same amount of health benefits as its flesh. Filled with vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the recent need for zero-waste measures has turned this previously-untouched portion into a treasure chest for experimentation. When cooked properly, the true, tart essence of the orange is easily imparted from its rinds – whether paired with complementary ingredients to form drinks and dishes, infused into brews, or ground into spreads and desserts.

Prime for the Season

For some delightful Halloween treats, however, these bittersweet orange peels can be candied and dehydrated, and make a chewy snack or can be paired perfectly with sweeter flavours such as the readily-available staples of honey and sugar, or the decadent layers of chocolate and caramel. Before sinking your teeth into these candied peels, they first have to be added into cold water and brought to boil thrice to get rid of their intense bitter notes. Then, mixed into a saucepan with sugar, bourbon, and water, they are left to simmer for an hour before being drained, spread out and left to dry at low heat for 20 minutes. With that, bartenders are left with a delicious light bite – or a drink addition. To gauge how to incorporate these for your Halloween menus, here are a few recipes – best served for the season of thrills.

Recipe: Candied Orange Coffee


  • 10ml MONIN Triple Sec Curaçao syrup
  • 5ml MONIN Almond (Orgeat) syrup
  • 180ml milk
  • 1 shot espresso


  • Candied orange peel


  • Add MONIN flavourings into a coffee cup
  • Extract espresso into the cup and mix well
  • Froth milk and pour into the coffee cup
  • Top with candied orange peel 

Recipe: Yuzu Citrus Highball


  • 10ml Le Fruit de MONIN Yuzu
  • 40ml whisky
  • 90ml soda water


  • Chocolate-coated candied orange peel


  • Add Le Fruit de MONIN Yuzu and whisky into a glass
  • Add ice
  • Top with soda water
  • Clip garnish to the side of the glass