Olivér Deák - Works hard, plays hard

bartender inspiring oliver deakbartender inspiring oliver deak

Olivér Deak, born in Hungary, is a bartender with flair skills! He likes to play with the bottles and with mixing flavours. It took him a lot of hard work to become who he is now. Be inspired by his story, he is a hard worker who knows how to play hard... with bottles on the stage!

His first steps

Ten years ago, Olivér was working as a waiter. He saw a bartender manipulating a bottle and he was really impressed - that was the starting point of his career!

So, he decided to study bartending skills at Flair Planet school in Budapest.

His studies completed, he started competing in Hungary in 2008. At first he didn’t really enjoy it because he was shy and nervous. He needed to gain confidence before he could show people his talent and share his experience, so he used flair behind the bar to train himself for going on the stage!

His experience abroad

In order to gain experience he decided to move to London. The challenge he set himself was to become a well known bartender. It wasn't easy; he didn’t even speak English, so before he could start a new life he had to learn a new language

To begin with, he worked behind the bar as a glass washer, which helped him learn the language, and gradually he developed his career as a bartender. He ended up managing a speakeasy bar called Ninetyeight. A huge achievement that came thanks to hard work and patience!


His passion: competition!

By then he was also taking part in a lot of competitions and decided he needed more time to dedicate to his passion, which is why he has been freelancing since October 2016, creating new drinks and menus for a variety of different events and companies.

Taking part in competitions really helps companies to recognise him as an expert in bartending and mixology. Social networks help him too, people all over the world share his posts and recognise him!

The first months of this freelance adventure were not easy, a bit scary really… but now it’s paying off and he enjoys competing a lot! He came first in the World Series Bartender competition of 2016 after all 4 rounds (pour test, speed round, craft flair round, product experience).

Finally, Olivér is a teacher too! He wants to share his experience and technical expertise with the next generation of bartenders. He helps them to create drinks by thinking outside the box!


His best tip for success: “Never give up and always believe in yourself.” 

  • His inspiring place in London: Oriole bar  & The Gibson : “They are creative and contemporary, I watch them with awe!”
  • His inspiring people: his father, “he is really open minded and always trying something different to be at the top of his game every time!”
  • His best creation: Sakuro, a Japanese inspiration

30 ml Hibiki 12
10 ml De Kuyper Citroen Jenever
5 ml De Kuyper Crème de Bananes
5 ml MONIN Butterscotch syrup
35 ml homemade cherry mulled wine cordial
0.5 ml Becherovka Original

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker except the De Kuyper Crème de Bananes. Shake and strain into the glass and afterwards add the De Kuyper Crème de Bananes on the top.

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