Muddled drinks: a simple gesture for irresistible flavours

mojitos sirop de moninmojitos sirop de monin

Mojito, Mint Julep, Caïpirinha, these well-known cocktails for amateurs have one thing in common: they belong to the “Muddled Drinks” family, therefore composed of solid ingredients (fruits, herbs ...) crushed at the bottom of a glass to bring flavour and texture to cocktails.

Muddled drinks are trendy on the drink card. Highly appreciated by customers, they can be very disappointing when the elaboration method is poorly mastered. Here are some of the basics to successfully create all your "Muddled Drinks"!

  • Choosing the right tools

It is more about choosing the right glassware. It is not possible to make this type of cocktail in a stemmed glass because the glass could break under the pressure of the pestle. Choose a good pestle ; we recommend a metal one with plastic grid tip for a better grinding of the ingredients.

There are also "multi-function" pestles. Our expert drink creator, Stéphane Moeslé, brought back the Caralhinho from one of his trips. The Caralhinho is a mixer pestle that is very widespread and used in Madeira to realize the Poncha (local aperitif).

  • Use the right products

Choose the right products that will composed your cocktail. Regarding fruits and herbs used, the fresher they are, the better the cocktail will be!

To boost the taste of these ingredients, use one of our syrups. Indeed, sugar, a real flavour enhancer, and the syrup fragrance chosen will multiply fruits and herbs flavours.

Once your products have been selected, clean the fruit. Some fruits require special treatment, for example when washing a strawberry, make sure to wash the strawberry and then hull it, so that it does not become waterlogged and does not lose its flavour. Notice that keeping the skin of citrus fruits reinforces the flavours and bring complementary taste. For example, grinding a grapefruit with its skin can bring bitterness to your cocktail.


  • Grind well for better quality

It is time to grind ingredients. First, put the fruits, herbs and then MONIN syrup in the bottom of the glass. Using the pestle, proceed to crushing the fruits. The important thing is to avoid the pulp and the pieces that could make the tasting of the cocktail unpleasant. For example, regarding the mojito, make sure to place the mint under the limes before the grinding. The mint leaves will be protected and will guarantee a good visual and taste effect when adding liquids.

When crushing, be careful to hold your pestle straight and do not lean on the edge of the glass. This operation can be carried out directly in a glass or in a shaker. The advantage of making your cocktail in a shaker is that you can then filter your cocktail if the goal is to keep only the taste of the fruit and avoid the inconvenience of a residue of pulp, etc. 

And now it’s time to finalise the drink by adding crushed ice, the appropriate liquid (alcohol followed by any sparkling liquid) and mix! If you don’t have crushed ice, the muddler can come in handy: simply put ice in your shaker and use the muddler to crush it!

To your pestles!

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