The passion for quality

In 1912, an entrepreneur named Georges MONIN started selling wines and spirits, then liqueurs and syrups in the Bourges region, choosing the slogan "Passion for Quality". A requirement for perfection was the beginning of a family adventure that animated the two future generations: his son, Paul, and now his grandson, Olivier.

Over the last few years, Olivier, the current company’s president, has developed the brand internationally. MONIN is now distributing its syrups in 150 countries.

Like his father and grandfather, Olivier MONIN continues to invest in state-of-the-art production facilities to enable the rapid development of new products on the world stage. He bet on country-specific tastes, with current syrups ranging over 150 flavours-the largest in the syrup market! At the same time, the company has been able to offer a range of complementary products in order to meet the requirements and tastes of bar and coffee professionals, as well as a wide range of catering markets.

Throughout its 100 years of history, the MONIN brand has remained faithful to its roots and to its values of quality, passion, and creativity. This marriage of family values and innovation allows this successful adventure.


  • 1912: Georges Monin founds the company in Bourges, France
  • 1930: Monin starts to export liqueurs and some syrups to Europe and the Caribbean
  • 1938: Launch of the Troubadour icon, MONIN sales reach 1 million bottles.
  • 1945: Paul Monin takes reign of the company and steers product development toward syrups
  • 1992: Olivier Monin is President of the company and develops an international presence
  • 1996: Construction of manufacturing site in Tampa, Florida, USA
  • 2007: Monin opens an antenna in Dubai Middle East India, UAE
  • 2009: Monin opens a facility in Kuala Lumpur and brand office in Shanghai
  • 2012: Monin celebrates 100 years of flavor. Presence in 140 countries.
  • 2017: Monin opens a new head office and production site in Bourges, and a facility in China