Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple

Fruit mix preparation 


A tropical indigenous to Southern Brazil, the pineapple's tough, spiky armour encases a succulent, golden fruit bursting with juiciness and the taste of the tropics, Spreading throughout South America and all over the world from the 17th century, today it has become a firm favourite, Sweet and tangy with a hint of acidity, Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple perfectly captures this fruit's tender flesh, Add a splash of sunshine and exoticism to a pina-colada or create refreshing iced teas and concoctions with this vibrant and versatile flavour,


Bright textured yellow

Flavours associations

Honey, citrus, ginger, spice


Iced teas

Format: 1L


Sugar, pineapple (puree and bits), acidifying agent: citric acid, natural flavouring, preservative agent: potassium sorbate, thickening agent: pectin, colouring agent: safflower extract. Contains 50.1% pineapple.

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml:

Energy: 332 kcal / 1408 kJ; Fat: 0.1 g, of which saturates: 0 g; Carbohydrate: 81 g, of which sugars: 81 g g; Protein: 0.3 g mg; Salt: 0 g.

Best before:

18 months before opening and 4 weeks after opening in a clean, dry place at room temperature (<25 °C)

Approx. dilution guidance:


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