Kenshiro Shimizu, when mixology and cinema are one!

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Kenshiro, 26, a native of Fukuoka, Japan, started his career in small bars where he discovered the mixology world. Passionate by this universe’s subtleties, he plays marrying flavours and very quickly, he created his first cocktails.

Today, bartender at the Bar Noble in Yokohama, Kenshiro enjoys a classic, elegant and contemporary ambience, amusing himself every day surprising his clients with his creations. It is a journey of flavours offered by the bartenders of this bar. The quest for the perfect balance between alcohol and flavours, accompanied by classical music, make this place one of the best cocktail bars in the city!

Tangy notes tempt Kenshiro, he works flavours such as yuzu and passion. To create his cocktails, he is inspired by the 7th art. He particularly likes to use details of Hollywood movies, and musical universe such as jazz and R'n'B ... His goal, when creating cocktails, is to offer a story, an emotion to his customers. His work does not stop at the creation of cocktails as he pays particular attention to the contact with his customers and likes to share with them their "cocktails" experiences.

Winner of the MONIN Cup 2016, he successfully reproduced the elegant atmosphere of Bar Noble. Facing more than 45 competitors from all over the world, Kenshiro has distinguished himself by his irreproachable technique and the balance of his cocktail. True to its inspirations, the winning recipe’s name is “La Palme D'Or,” in reference to the Cannes Film Festival.

Here is the winning recipe: