Garnish your cocktails: only one ingredient is enough

décoration cocktail monin techniques bartenderdécoration cocktail monin techniques bartender

When you create a cocktail, try to awaken customers’ senses: taste, smell, touch and sight! Here, we will focus on visual aspect of your cocktail. Discover quick and easy gestures to add a fancy touch to your drinks!

The goal is to use products that are part of your daily life. A single ingredient is enough to make multiple decorations! Use fruits that, in addition of decorating your glasses, add a touch of freshness.

In the video below, learn how to create three garnishes from an apple: fan, palm and collage. Release your creativity!

Every day, check your ingredients and see how to use them into your cocktail: a leaf of mint, basil or rosemary will bring freshness to your glass in the same way that a slice of cucumber!