What measures are you taking during COVID-19?

Regarding the increased impact of the COVID-19, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees remains our top priority. Today, our mission is to follow each local recommendations to fight against this global pandemic. Learn more.


What is your delivery policy?

You can find our Delivery Policy here.

What if I have another problem with my order?

If you want to return products, cancel your order, or have any other information related to your order (including delivery and payments), please contact ecommerce@b-opie.com

What if a product is out of stock?

We replenish our stock often, on a daily basis. Please bear with us and stay tuned. In case you have any concerns, please contact ecommerce@b-opie.com

Product ingredients

Do MONIN flavouring syrups contain alcohol?

MONIN syrups may contain traces of alcohol in some flavours. It is only as a result of carry over from flavouring and up to 1.2% ABV. For the full list, please check our Dietary Requirements page

What are the nutrition facts?

Nutritional information change for each flavour. Please check on the back label, or on the product page of this website.

Do any MONIN products contain dairy ingredients or allergens?

Some of our products contain dairy ingredients or other allergens; mandatory labelling allergens are mentioned on the back label of the product, as well as on the product page of this website. For the full list, please check our Dietary Requirements page

How are MONIN products sweetened? (Include sugar free)
  • Syrups : beet sugar except for Pure Cane Sugar Syrup and Agave Syrup
  • Sugar Free syrups : sucralose and acesulfame
  • Le Fruit de MONIN : beet sugar and Cane Sugar
  • Liqueurs : beet sugar
  • Sauces : beet Sugar
  • Frappe : beet and cane sugar

Products information

Where can I get recipes for MONIN products?

Delicious and simple recipes are included on each MONIN back label. For additional recipes, please visit our Recipe Database, in the tab Recipes & Techniques > All recipes.

Dietary Requirements

Are MONIN flavouring syrups Kosher or Halal?

For more information, please check our Dietary Requirements page.

Are MONIN flavouring syrup Vegan?

Most MONIN syrups are suitable for a vegan diet. For the full list, please check our Dietary Requirements page.

Shelf life and storage

What is the shelf life of MONIN syrups after opening?

The shelf life of syrups after opening depends on their storage conditions. Our syrups taste best 3 months after opening, if kept cool (<25°C) and protected from light. 

If using dosing instruments (eg pumps), make sure that the hygienic conditions are good so as not to affect the quality of the product.

Do the MONIN syrups need to be refrigerated after opening?

MONIN syrups do not need refrigeration. They have to be kept recapped in a clean dry and cool place (<25°). Please refer to the back label of the product for any particular condition to respect.

Pumps and POS

Do you offer racks, pumps, and other accessories for the display and use of MONIN products?

Yes, we do. Pumps and racks are available on this website, under the section Pumps & POS. If you have specific needs for your business, please contact sales@b-opie.com.

How do I clean pumps?

Compulsory cleaning & maintenance:

  • Proper cleaning and maintenance will promote trouble-free operation of the MONIN Syrup Pump
  • Always clean pumps daily
  • Make sure plastic dip tube is fully seated into body before using
  • Always make a complete push. Pump will lose performance if partial pushes are dispersed.
  • Once you have emptied the MONIN Syrup bottle, clean immediately and carefully. The pump will be safe until used again.


Disassembly for cleaning:

  1. Unscrew pump at the cap from the syrup bottle
  2. Place the pump in warm, soapy water
  3. Pump many times to empty the remaining syrup
  4. Rinse carefully with clean water and pump until the water is clear
  5. Pump out again until air comes out of the pump
  6. Remove tube and shake to eliminate excess water and allow to dry
  7. Store in a safe place for next use

Note: do not clean pump in automatic dishwasher as valving could be damaged by high water temperature. Pumps can be re-used between same flavour products only.

Tax and Brexit

How is Brexit impacting my purchase?

There should not be any extra customs charges for you to pay, as we ship our products from the UK after having imported them from France, already regulating the fees with customs.

Is there any tax on MONIN products?

Most of our ranges do not have any applicable tax, for example Syrups have 0% VAT. Some other ranges do, for example Le Fruit de MONIN have 20% VAT (Value Added Tax). Value Added tax is also automatically applied for delivery rates, which are always shown inclusive of VAT (for example £6.99 delivery rate includes £1.17 VAT). You can see tax breakdown when you go check your basket/cart.


Why is there sometime a ring / sediment on the inside of a MONIN fruit syrup bottle?

This may be caused by any naturally occurring fruit oils, pulp or pectin contained in the MONIN fruit flavouring. This should dissolve once shaken and is not a cause of concern.

Finding MONIN products

Who are your representative / Importers?

Bennett Opie Ltd is MONIN solo-importer for UK and acts as MONIN fulfilment partner of George MONIN SAS for monin.com/uk.

Bennett Opie Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, registration number: 00124503, address: Wentworth Court, Castle Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3RN, United Kingdom. Registered VAT number: GB 262 2000 59.

Where can I purchase MONIN products?

You can purchase MONIN products online here on this website, or ask your local distributor/wholesaler where to find MONIN products.

Can I buy direct from you?

Please Email us with more information about your business and your needs.