Flavoured cortados

cortado aromatisé coffee sirop de monincortado aromatisé coffee sirop de monin

In recent years, hot drink offers have exploded with the arrival of coffee shops. Many are looking for an alternative to the traditional end-of-meal cafe to enjoy a gourmet break. To meet this growing demand, it is quite simple to make hot drinks tasty without too much complexity. Let's focus on making a flavoured cortado.

A cortado is an espresso in which milk and milk foam are added, it is akin to a "mini- cappuccino". The possibilities of aromatization are obviously multiple. Stéphane Moeslé, MONIN Beverage Innovation Director, guides you in these choices for all seasons.

First of all, here is the basic recipe for aromatisation:

  • 10 ml MONIN syrup
  • 30 ml espresso 
  • Add milk and milk foam

Pour 10 ml of MONIN syrup in a cortado glass, then 30 ml of espresso. Heat the milk with a steam nozzle until obtaining a creamy foam. Pour delicately to create layers.


Stéphane offers you the following aromatization:

And to go further, transform a few gestures of your cortado in mocha by adding 10 ml of MONIN Dark Chocolate sauce.

Simple and effective, the flavoured cortado won’t break the bank and lets you respond to a new demand.