Coffee shop essentials: tips to manage your business

coffee shop unmissable tipscoffee shop unmissable tips

New equipment: do not miss it!

Did you already have a coffee brewing machine in your coffee shop? If not, discover GINA, a smart coffee machine. Turns coffee brewing into a special experience, GINA has a built-in Bluetooth scale and an app, it enables you to brew coffee with pour over, immersion and cold drip. Discover more on the website of Goat Story here

Ingredients of the roasted coffee: Direct Trade, micro lot, macro lot…

Direct trade is used when a roaster buys directly from the producer. This trend has been growing since 2018. Direct trade doesn’t just cut out the middleman, it puts greater emphasis on quality, sustainability, and brew method experimentation. And all this will be sold at a premium price to consumers and super interesting lots on the table.

Customer Experience: Barista & Costumers relationship

The concept of customer service has evolved to focus on the customers’ experience. Now the aim is to educate consumers about the story of their coffee, experience news drinks creation and the technics to do it. It’s all about the relationship between the consumer and their cup!

Coffee Trends – Twist your menu with amazing coffee drinks!

  • Sweeter and Creamier Beverages: Raf Coffee

The blended creamy drinks are far from over! Baristas are taking aim at this point by departing from the acidity of black coffee and introducing sweeter and creamier beverages to the menu like Raf coffee, an espresso beverage with dense and creamy soft foam. The main peculiarity of Raf coffee is that milk and cream are stemmed with espresso simultaneously, making the drink thick and incredibly delicate. Raf Coffee is Russia’s favourite coffee drink, you can make it in its original version or twist it! For example, the Lavender Raf, created by a famous Russian coffee chain, has an army of fans… So what are you waiting on to introduce Raf Coffee to your menu

  • Cold Brew

Cold brew is quickly becoming the much cooler beverage of choice. Instead of brewing hot coffee and pouring it over ice, cold brew is made by brewing coffee in cold water. This method cuts the acidity, making it smoother to drink and much easier to brew large batches.

  • Bubbly Brew 

The bubbly Brew is a new cold coffee category which was starting since 2 years ago with the Espresso Tonic. Since that its started to be a new category which can base even in espresso or cold brewed coffee as well. Now there are plenty fancy sparklings cold coffees around such as: Espresso Tonic, Espresso Spritz, Black Lemonade, Coffee Coke, Cascara fizz… What's your favourite?