Cocktail drinks dispenser: the importance of ice

ice importance dispenser cocktails moninice importance dispenser cocktails monin

Putting ice cubes into your drinks dispenser is first and foremost to cool the liquid down so you can serve cool, refreshing beverages. So there needs to be enough of them…

It’s the iceberg analogy: the more ice there is the colder the mass of liquid will be. The cooler the drink, the slower the dilution of the cocktail will be. Keep the dilution process under control and you’ll be able to maintain an ambient temperature of 21°C for up to 4 hours.

Another element to bear in mind, the coldness numbs the sugary sensation and allows for instant refreshment.

Ice cubes also produce an indispensable aesthetic effect: they not only cause condensation to form on your jar, showing just how refreshing your cocktail is, but they also help to support and spread out your decorative pieces of fruit. Without ice cubes, they would float along the surface and look a lot less appealing!

Some helpful tips for preparing your drink:

  • Pour all the liquid ingredients into the dispenser and stir well
  • Add your decorative fruits slices and fresh herbs
  • Fill to the top with ice cubes
  • Stir once more, attractively arranging the pieces of fruit, especially the side facing your customers
  • Set up the drinks dispenser on its display stand