MONIN White Tea Concentrate


Originally from China, white tea mainly comes from closed buds and young leaves. It is known for its rarity, only being cultivated once a year, and for its two-step preparation process, involving wilting and desiccation. White tea is notably rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

MONIN White Tea Concentrate has a strong astringency and adds a hint of sweetness thanks to its floral flavour profile. Its versatility means it can be paired with fruity syrups in beverages from iced teas to cocktails and mocktails and even bubble teas.

“MONIN White Tea concentrate will allow you to create delicious, reduced sugar iced teas with a delicate floral flavour and a hint of honey, in no time at all. It pairs well with red fruits like raspberry and blueberry, with exotic fruits such as mango or passion fruit, as well as with floral flavours like rose, hibiscus or elder flower. Its sophisticated notes will add an original touch to your cocktails, in a Fizz or Martini, to drinks with a white spirit base or with Asian spirits, but also to mocktails with subtle white tea notes.”

Raphaël Duron, Senior Beverage Expert at MONIN

White Tea & Lemongrass Highball


Pour ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Top with soda water. Stir gently. Garnish and serve.


White Tea Mango & Rue Berry Mocktail PARAGON


Pour all ingredients except tonic water into a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake and strain into an ice filled highball glass. Top with tonic water. Stir gently. Garnish and serve.