Well-flavoured Mojitos

mojitos sirop de moninmojitos sirop de monin

The summer season is approaching and cocktail lovers are looking for freshness and texture with intense and varied flavours!

The Mojito remains THE bestseller of terrace bars, while it is also becoming more and more accessible in the home! Now is your chance to create well-balanced Mojitos with intense flavours.

The texture and taste of a Mojito come from crushing solid ingredients, including mint and seasonal fruits, which is called the "Muddled Drink" technique. These ingredients add texture and colour to the drink but, while they are visually appealing to consumers, the quality of the taste is often lacking. The lack of consistency in the quality of the fruit can mean your drink has a very insipid flavour. To ensure a quality result, we advise you to boost the crushed herbs and fruit aromas by using syrups, or preparations made from fruit. You can try our Mojito Mint, Basil, or Tarragon syrups .. Or our Le Fruit de MONIN product range, which will add more texture to your cocktail and allow you to diversify your flavours: discover Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Raspberry - perfect for creating Mojitos.

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