Vegetable-based decorations to beautify your cocktails - Part 1

The trend to enhance and showcase your product will offer your customers a striking visual experience. This is even more true in our digital context: everything is likely to be photographed, shared, liked, commented on Instagram, Facebook and all the other social networks… Make your customers want to share their experience with their community while they are in your establishment by offering cocktails with original decorations!

Be inspired by the creations of Joseph Trotta, a precursor in the field of cocktail decoration, who has designed cocktail decorations especially for MONIN.

Inspired by MONIN’s two new products for 2018, Le Fruit de MONIN Beetroot and Carrot, Joseph has performed a meticulous job by working with different varieties of beetroots and carrots.

Discover his first three creations:

Beetroot Agave Mocktail:

To dress this cocktail, Joseph used two types of beetroot (yellow one and "Chioggia") which are cut with a wavy blade and then gathered together and cut with a round, 3.5 cm diameter biscuit cutter. The decoration is placed on the edge of the glass.

Hippy Hipster:

To create this impressive decoration that seems suspended in the air, use a zester to obtain about 20 cm of lime zest. Roll the zest in zigzag around a rectangle (4 cm x 6 cm) of 2-3 mm culinary wood. Dry in a dehydrator for 1 hour.

Joseph then pricked the decoration into a small ball of carrot held in place on the edge of the glass.

Morning Twist: 

For this cocktail, around 15 cm of orange zest was obtained using a fluted paring knife and rolled around a piece of bamboo (9 cm long -1.5 cm diameter) and dried in the dehydrator for around 1 hour.

The decoration is held in place by a small notch on the edge of the glass and rests on a small slice of carrot on the opposite edge.

You will soon be able to discover new creations on our website or on our Facebook page! Stay connected!

Photos and design by Joseph Trotta