Unicorne Chocolate : Have fun !

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Created by Joanna Czikalla - owner of dessert parlor Crème and Sugar (http://www.cremeandsugar.com/ ) in Anaheim, California - the Unicorn Hot Chocolate may just be the most sparkly, sprinkled drink you’ve ever seen.

It’s pretty much impossible not to smile when sipping from this cup of happiness. Lift your spirits this winter and appeal to your inner unicorn lover with this indulgent Unicorn White Hot Chocolate.

Enjoy our recipe : Unicorn White Hot Chocolate

Steam ingredients together until hot. Pour mix into a glass or a cup. Add marshmallows and cover with flavoured whipped cream. Garnish with crispy waffles, coloured sprinkles, rainbow candies and a white chocolate topped biscuit. Serve.

Follow our tips to make easily this hot drink :

  • Use a double-walled glass so you can put glazing on the edge of the glass without it melting.
  • To garnish your Unicorn Hot Chocolate, place a few marshmallows on top of the drink before adding whipped cream, this will avoid it melting too quickly.

Professionals, some tips to showcase the offer :

  • This concept is really visual, you need to push it with posters and table tents.
  • Create your own # as people craving this kind of drinks will almost certainly take a picture of it first and then share it on social networks before drinking it.