Preparing the perfect Bellini: the importance of mixture

mojitos sirop de moninmojitos sirop de monin

In any season and festivity, the Bellini remains a safe bet. This Venetian drink is particularly appreciated for its execution simplicity. But be careful, a few tricks will allow you to perfectly create this cocktail.


A Bellini is traditionally made with sparkling wine, such as Prosecco or champagne, and white peach puree. To make this cocktail and guarantee its flavour, we advise you to use our product range Le Fruit de MONIN especially Le Fruit de MONIN Peach.

To appreciate a Bellini, it must not sparkle too much. The trick to this is to mix Le Fruit de MONIN  with a little sparkling wine in a glass filled with ice, then stir gently for a short time. This will allow the temperature to adjust to avoid foaming.

Then you can pour the mixture into a flute and fill the rest of the glass with sparkling wine. Your cocktail will then be uniform without too much foam!

Look for originality and twist your Bellini using other flavours from the Le Fruit de MONIN range, click here to discover them. Free your imagination!