Poptail, the iced lolly which flavours your cocktails!

poptail esquimau aromatisé cocktail aromatisation poptail esquimau aromatisé cocktail aromatisation

A conjunction of the shortened form of popsicle and cocktail, the poptail is THE latest concept seen on the terrace this year. Lip-smackingly tasty, refreshing and colourful, let this iced delicacy seduce you !

Consumed as it is or plunged in a cocktail, with or without alcohol, according to your taste, the poptail is very easy to make.

The advantage of this kind of accompaniment is that it can be customised in endless ways. Often made with a fresh fruit base, our syrups or fruit-based preparations (Le Fruit de MONIN range) are available to accentuate the flavours and boost creativity... More than 150 flavours are at your fingertips.

It allows you to revisit the classics but also to innovate! As a result, you will attract
customers on the lookout for new ideas.

Our recipe for making your flavoured ice lolly:

Finish with water, then place in a freezer… That’s all there is to it!

Customise endlessly and according to the season: flowers for spring, fresh fruit in
summer …Let your creativity abound!