Our Beverage Experts - Joseph Khoury

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Joseph Khoury

Beverage Innovation Manager – Lebanon, Africa & Levant

Joseph started his career as a bar keeper and became barman of the Pepe Lopez, a night club in Lebanon.

He also worked for few restaurants before joining, in the early 2000s, one of the most successful restaurant concepts in the Middle East. He joined Casper & Gambini’s and became head barista and regional training manager. This is where he developed his skills and knowledge.

Joseph’s passion for coffee really started at the time and he took the opportunity to participate to several coffee competitions.

First at a national level in Lebanon by competing in barista, latte art, and also coffee in good spirits championships. He finally had the opportunity to represent his country at the highest level and was ranked 5th during the World Barista Championship in Trieste (Italy) in 2004, and then in Seattle in 2005.

A few questions to Joseph:


What do you like it most about your job?

I like traveling a lot, visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures. It's also a great opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and knowledge, and always learn new things. I like the idea of being part of the development of the brand worldwide and play a big part in developing and improving the skills and knowledge in those communities.


What do like when creating a new drink?

First, I like when people appreciate it, and like it a lot, especially when they use it in their menu. Creating a new drink is also great to discover new flavours, mixes. For me it’s the best opportunity to blossom and let that passion come out in a drink.


What’s your vision of the work ?

This job has improved a lot! It’s becoming more and more important and I only see success for this job in the future. Nowadays bartenders and barista are proud to express that they are, they also show off their skills in front of their guests.


Where do you find inspiration?

In learning everyday a new thing, by traveling a lot around the world and meet new people and experience new traditions. In MONIN studios especially I feel myself as a Master