Our Beverage Experts - Attila Molnár

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Attila Molnár

Brand Development & Coffee Innovation Manager for the EMEIA region

In 2014, Attila became part of the MONIN family as Beverage Innovation Director Central Europe. He is a passionate innovator who combines creativity with the best techniques of the bar every day to bring innovative solutions to the gastronomy market all over the world.
In 2016, he became the first Brand Development & Coffee Innovation Manager for the EMEIA region. In this new role, Attila participates first in the creation of new flavours and products in to meet the specific needs of MONIN partners and bring its expertise to them to help create the development of their menu.

Attila combines the skills of bartender and barista, indeed he began his career in the middle of the bar before dedicating his last 10 years to the coffee industry. He first works in the world of coffee, roasting in Hungary where he started as a professional barista. He then joined the British international brand, Costa Coffee, in 2009. At the same time, he successfully opened and ran 9 coffee shops across the country.

After this experience, he founded his own school of Barista in Budapest where he trained champions for different competitions. Still more ambitious, Attila launched his own Coffee Shop brand in 2012 and opened 3 sales outlets in Budapest. He won several titles himself, via his brands, winning the Best Café in Hungary three different times.

During these years, Attila became an active competitor of the Word Barista Championship (WBC), including finalist in 2009 in Atlanta. In parallel, he won the Hungarian National Champion of Barista four times.

All of Attila’s professional experiences have given him a unique knowledge of the coffee world and an incomparable international experience!


His favourite MONIN flavour? 
The MONIN Mojito Mint Syrup that he uses to make tasty Mojito Expresso Tonic.

His favourite hot drink ? 

The brewed coffee.

His favourite cold drink with coffee? 

Any type of Espresso Tonic and its variations.

His trend predictions ? 

Definitely, coffee applications whether they’re hot or cold! For the last few years we have seen the development of applications for cold drinks, but a new trend is emerging: drinks with sparkling water!

We can consume more and more expresso tonics, lemonades with bases of coffees or other cocktails signatures based on brewed coffee for example. I think this helps make the barista more and more creative because the cold coffee applications open a new field of possibilities and propose new challenges!