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Beverage Innovation Director – Nordics, Benelux & Poland

Alexandre has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 25 years. Everything started in France, in a catering school in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, where he learnt more about each catering segment: kitchen, waiter, sommelier, pastry, bar and hotel management. 

While studying, Alex decided to focus on the bar specialty and became bar keeper at the famous Lutetia Hotel in Paris, a 4-stars luxury hotel that was well-known to have welcomed a lot of personalities (politics, actors, writers, influencers.)

Years after years, Alex went to different hotels and cocktails bars in Paris until he became Bar Manager at the age of 22. 

In 2002, Alex left his bartending position to experiment the cruise liner life in the US. He worked as bar manager and was in charge of 80 bartenders and sommeliers divided in 20 locations: that was an every-day challenge, but a real love boat experience!

Back from cruising, he met Olivier Monin, who was looking for a professional bartender to emphasize MONIN portfolio. The aim being to propose “drink solutions” rather than just selling the products. And this was the beginning of Alex’s great experience within MONIN company!

Ever since his career started, Alex’s heart has been filled with passion, but what he finds the most exciting on top of being creative, is to share knowledge slowly learnt by his different experiences.

A few questions to Alex:

What do you like it most about your job? 

Challenges and being challenged is for me what keep me in the loop, but I may add curiosity as well!

Since I’m having a large scoop of customers profile that I’m working with (bars, coffee bars, casual and smart dining or Multi unit account) I have to adapt myself to customers’ expectations in a fast manner, that’s what I meant by being challenged.


What do you like when creating a new drink?

“SIMPLEXITY”, a cross of simplicity and complexity…


Where do you find inspiration? 

Everywhere and at every corner!

For instance, a supermarket is a mine of information as you learn the daily habits of their customers.

In order to discover new trends or learn technics properly, the most important thing is to proceed to visits so that you enrich your knowledge.