MONIN White Mint liqueur


According to Greek Mythology, Menthe was a water nymph who fell in love with Hades, Persephone's husband. The jealous goddess turned the nymph into a green plant, today famous for its deliciously fresh and sweet aroma. Mint is aromatic and pleasant. Its refreshing and cooling properties make mint one of the most appreciated and used herb worldwide both for sweet and sour cuisines. MONIN White Mint liqueur is ideal to give a cool spearmint taste to your cocktails, especially when combined with a chocolate flavour.


Clear transparent.

Tasting notes

Nose of spire mint and fresh peppermint. Balance taste between the fresh, cool peppermint and the mild spire mint.

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Directors

A perfect liqueur for night clubs. Just mix it with soda water and you will always have a refreshing sensation.