MONIN Tarragon syrup


Since the early nineties, for most Russians Tarhun is synonymous with a delicious, bright green, refreshing lemonade, flavoured with the herb tarragon. Introduced to the mass market in 1981, when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union, the story goes that Tarhun and Baykal - the most popular lemonades in Russia - were developed for the Moscow Olympic Games as an alternative to Coke and Pepsi. At the time, most American products were banned in Russia as America had boycotted The Games. Let your creativity blossom with this new iconic flavour.


Bright green colour, slightly cloudy

Tasting notes

Freshly cut nose, strong and refreshin taste of moddled tarragon leaves, long-lasting aftertaste with some aniseed notes.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips

Once again, MONIN has launched an amazing flavour: Tarragon! This herb is really versatile and can be used in various applications. The aniseed aftertaste adds a sensational touch to many recipes. I love using it with berries such as strawberries, raspberries or blackcurrants but it also goes well with citrus fruits, cucumber and even tomato juice. One of my favourite applications is to mix it as a long drink, with MONIN Strawberry purée, gin, cranberry juice and a splash of soda water. Try it your way, and I guarantee you'll be an instant fan!


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