MONIN Raspberry liqueur


The most common raspberries are red but originally all raspberries were white. Legend says that one day, the Nymph Ida tried to pick some wild white raspberries to calm the God Jupiter who was in a rage. While picking the fruits, Ida scratched her finger on the thorny raspberry bush. According to this Roman myth, her blood forever died the raspberries a bright red colour. In the Northern hemisphere raspberries are available in the summertime. But don't wait for the season to enjoy fresh, ripe raspberry flavour in all your beverages! MONIN Raspberry liqueur is available anytime.


Light ruby red with orange glints.

Tasting notes

Balance nose of ripe raspberry and raspberry brandy with floral notes. Creamy and candy taste of raspberry, with some after notes of raspberry infusion. Nice sweet and sour balance.

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Directors

MONIN raspberry liqueur combines all the "savoir faire" of the MONIN distillery. Its delicate nose of ripe raspberries will fit in perfectly in many of your delightful recipes. Personally, I love to mix it with ginger, rose or even lychee flavours in a subtle martini. Try it and impress your guests.


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