Three ways to make amazing cocktails with MONIN Passion Fruit syrup

MONIN Passion Fruit syrup is linked to this exotic image of holidays on a Caribbean beach. It’s a best-seller that evokes evasion and brings comfort, especially in Winter.

It will exalt your drinks with its sweetness and light acidity.  

Classics revisited


Express recipe

> Replace sugar by MONIN Passion Fruit syrup in a classic cocktail.  

Example: Daiquiri, Caipirinha, Caipirovska. 


The syrup will offset the lemon’s acidity while flavouring the cocktail with passion fruit. It’s a simple way to customise classic cocktails. 

White sangria 


We don’t always think to use it in white sangria, but passion fruit syrup combines well with white wine, either flat or sparkling, served on ice. 


Express recipe

> Mix 2cl of MONIN Passion Fruit syrup with 15cl of white wine or Prosecco. Serve in a large wine glass filled with ice, add oranges and apples cut in small cubes. 

Did you know ? Three anecdotes to look smart in conversation. 


1/ Passion fruit is also called maracudja, maracujá, parchita, parcha or grenadia according to the countries. Several varieties exist: round or oval and yellow, red, purple (the most common in Europe) or green.  


2/ Passion Fruit syrup mixes well with eau de vie, even aged in an oak barrel (cognac, whisky, bourbon and ambered rum).  


3/ MONIN Passion Fruit syrup was one of the first flavours developed by MONIN and has always been conceived with no added preservatives.  

Exotic non-alcoholic version  


You can use it in ice teas and lemonades, to flavour them.  



Express recipe

> Mix lemon juice, MONIN Passion Fruit syrup and sparkling water or Ginger Ale.  

MONIN’s plus: MONIN Passion Fruit syrup is created with natural flavours and colourings, and with no added preservatives.